Let’s Get Gardening: March 2017

I woke up Sunday morning to a sound that sent dread through me. It sounded like some sort of mechanical device in the house was failing spectacularly. Having had so many things in need of repairing or replacing last year – the roof, water softener, sump pump, garage door opener, and kitchen sink – I was not looking forward to starting this year out with one more problem. I jumped out of bed and ran down to the basement, fearing what I might find, but as soon as I got to the basement, the noise stopped. After the same thing happened a few minutes later, I decided to just stand there and wait for it to happen again, which it did. but the noise wasn’t coming from anything in the basement, and as I headed upstairs to the main floor, it dawned on me that I’ve heard this noise before. There is one red-bellied woodpecker in our yard (I assume it’s the same one every year) who has found that drumming on the chimney cap on our house makes The Best sound for attracting females! The noise sounds like a jackhammer reverberating throughout the house, as it travels down the fireplace chimney. I hope the female red-bellies like it, because he’s sure making a racket. It must be spring!

We’ll be ushering in spring at the Garden Mill, a little less noisily, every Saturday this month with our annual Green Thumb Series of workshops. This year, we’re talking about landscaping and lawns. Details are below, on our website, and on our Facebook page. Join us.


In this issue:

Yard & Garden

  • How to prevent damage from spring snow and ice
  • To prune or not to prune?
  • Bringing flowering trees and shrubs indoors
  • Stay off wet lawns and garden beds to avoid compacting the dirt
  • Why you should do a soil test
  • Soil thermometers and a soil temperature chart for seed germination of different vegetable plants


  • Come in and stock up on seeds. It is time to start some seeds now!
  • Repotting indoor plants
  • Start fertilizing your indoor plants again this month
  • Check stored tender bulbs now and discard any that are soft, damaged or diseased
  • Check progress of potted bulbs and find out when to move them outside


  • It is spring migration time! Keep those feeders full
  • Prepare birdhouses for nesting season

Store News & Specials

  • Join us for our 2017 Green Thumb Series: Turn Your Yard Into Your Oasis. Every Saturday in March at 11:00 am.
  • $10 off $50 purchase coupon

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