Let’s Get Gardening: April 2018

All in favor of Spring hurrying up and getting here, raise your hand! OK – for those of you who remember (yes, I’m showing my age here), I just got a picture of the kid in the 1970’s TV show, “Welcome Back, Kotter” who used to raise his hand crazily in class whenever he thought […]

Let’s Get Gardening: March 2018

I think March came a little early this year – at least it seemed like it, with the wind we had last Sunday! It has let up a little since then, but March really does seem determined to come in like that proverbial lion this year, doesn’t it? It does look like we may have […]

Green Thumb Series 2018 – Gardening 101

Join us for a FREE series of workshops featuring ideas and tips to enjoy your garden. Every Saturday in March at 11 am. Space is limited, call the Garden Mill at (734) 475-3539 for reservations. Seed Starting March 3, 2018 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Join us for a free workshop featuring Garden Mill owner Jennifer Fairfield. Jennifer […]

Let’s Get Gardening: February 2018

My apologies for not getting the newsletter out in January – I came down with an upper respiratory bug, and couldn’t think from one side of my head to the other, so you really were better off not having to read anything I might have written! And with the temperatures we had at the beginning […]

Let’s Get Gardening: December 2017

Gardening season seems to keep going and going around here this year (I know – I said last month that it had pretty much come to an end, but who knew it was going to stay so warm for so long?!) – which is a good thing for me, since I only just got my […]