Let’s get gardening! August 2015


Wow – we seem to have gone from feast to famine where rain is concerned, haven’t we?! June was incredible, with over six inches of rain, which is about twice our average. And for parts of July, we saw quite a bit of rain, but then it just basically stopped (well, until Sunday night, of course, when many of us saw over an inch of rain all in a couple of hours). June and the first half of July also had lower than normal temperatures, and then suddenly, we were having a heatwave. The weather in Michigan is never dull, is it?!

In this issue:

  • Dealing with insects, diseases and water (or lack of)
  • Caring for your lawn in August
  • Harvesting and planting in the veggie garden
  • For the birds
  • New product: Garden themed kitchen linens!
  • Fairy Make-and-Take Workshop
  • $10 off coupon

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