Let’s Get Gardening: March 2019

In my opinion, spring can’t get here soon enough! Judging by the comments from customers lately, I’m not alone in that feeling. We’ve had lots of people coming into the store the last little bit, looking for some sign of spring, since the world outside isn’t providing it. Fortunately, we’ve been getting in lots of new merchandise that has been giving people that breath of fresh air that they are looking for. If you’re in need of a little pick-me-up, come stroll through the store – you’re bound to find just the thing to put you in the mood!


In this month’s issue of Let’s Get Gardening

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In this month’s issue:

Since spring doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to get here, we’ll have to settle for doing things to get ready for when it finally does show up:


  • If you haven’t finished planning your garden for the upcoming season, don’t wait any longer! Having a plan will help you know what plants to buy seeds for.
  • If you are planning for a flower garden this year – whether adding to an existing one or starting a new one – consider native plants to help our native bees and butterflies.
  • Speaking of seeds, March is the time to start many of them indoors, if you are growing your own plants from seed.
  • Around the end of the month or the first part of April, tomatoes and peppers should be started so that they will be mature enough to be planted by Memorial Day, which is always my target date for getting those in the garden.
  • If you are starting flowers from seed, early to mid-March is the time to start zinnia, and mid to late March is the time to get a number of others going.
  • Begin fertilizing indoor plants that you were letting rest over the winter.
  • If you stored tender bulbs over the winter, check them now and discard any that are soft, damaged or diseased.
  • If you potted bulbs for forcing last fall, check their progress.


  • Have you walked your property to see how much damage was done by last weekend’s wind?
  • Be sure to finish any pruning that needs to be done yet by mid-month. Don’t wait until the weather starts to warm up to do this task.
  • We’ve had a lot of ice this winter, which is unusual – that’s usually March weather, not January and February weather! Since we can still expect ice and freezing rain this month, be sure to spread ice melt carefully on sidewalks and driveways to avoid damage to nearby plants.
  • As the temperatures start to warm up and the snow begins to melt, check plants to make sure they have not been pushed out of the ground by frost heave.
  • Try to stay off the lawn and out of garden beds as much as possible as things begin to thaw.
  • If the soil is workable at all later this month, consider doing a soil test so that you know what your plants or grass need before you start adding fertilizers.

For the birds:

  • Continue to feed them! The options for food in nature are really slim for birds at this point, so give them as much help as you can.
  • Clean out nest boxes, or put up new ones.
  • While you’re planning your garden this month, keep the birds in mind. Consider varieties of trees, shrubs and other plants that can provide sources of nesting places, shelter, or food for birds.




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