Let’s Get Gardening: March 2018

I think March came a little early this year – at least it seemed like it, with the wind we had last Sunday! It has let up a little since then, but March really does seem determined to come in like that proverbial lion this year, doesn’t it? It does look like we may have seen the worst (if not the last quite yet) of winter, though. The predictions for the next couple of weeks are for high temperatures above freezing every day, and nighttime lows above normal for this time of year – only going a little below freezing most nights. I’m hopeful that, just maybe, we might see spring before Memorial Day this year!


March Featured Garden Product

Seed-Starting Supplies – March is the month to start plants from seed-The Garden Mill has seed starting “soil”, peat pellets, peat pots, trays, humidity domes, heat mats, and of course, lots of varieties of seeds! And on March 3rd, we will be presenting a seed-starting class to give you lots of tips on how to be successful in getting your plants going.


In this month’s issue of Let’s Get Gardening

March can be a very challenging month for gardeners. We’re seeing more sunshine (at least in terms of length of day), but it’s generally too wet and still too cold to really do much outdoors. There’s still a lot we can be doing to get ready for outdoor gardening, though.

Things to do indoors this month:

  • Finish putting together a plan for your garden this month. Having a plan will help you know what you need to buy, in terms of seeds, plant supports, tools, etc.
  • March is the time to get a lot of seeds started if you are growing your own plants from seed. See the newsletter to find out which ones!
  • If you are starting flowers from seed, early to mid-March is the time to start many of them. Others can wait until the end of the month.
  • March is also a great month to repot any of your indoor plants that have outgrown their current pots.
  • If you stored tender bulbs over the winter, check them now and discard any that are soft, damaged or diseased.
  • If you potted bulbs for forcing last fall, check their progress.

Things to do outdoors this month:

  • Take a walk around your yard and look for damage done to trees and shrubs by weather and animals. Prune off any damage you find.
  • Early March is usually a good time to prune trees and shrubs that you haven’t gotten to.
  • As tempting as it is to get out and get to work in the yard and garden, stay off the lawn and out of garden beds as much as possible while the ground is wet.
  • On drier days, do take a walk around and look for plants that may show signs of frost heave.
  • While you’re out checking for frost heave, pull any weeds you find in your flower beds.

For the Birds:

  • Some of our migrating birds will be returning to Michigan this month, looking for places to nest. Providing them with food, water, and shelter will get them to hang around in your yard– which is great for a few reasons.
  • Keep feeding the birds! Feeding the birds at this time of year helps them keep up their energy, as they are looking for nesting spots, and finding nesting materials.

Store News & Specials:

  • Join us Every Saturday in March at 11:00 am for our 2018 Green Thumb Series
    • March 3: Seed Starting
    • March 10: What’s Bugging You?
    • March 17: Getting into the Weeds
    • March 24: Reading your Landscape
    • March 31: Preserving your Bounty
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